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where you can buy online  original painting of  independent and recognized artist  Marek Jaskowiec.

Socially engaged Marek Jaskowiec art focusing on engagement through human interaction and social discourse. Artist working in social practice co-create his work with a specific audience or propose critical interventions within existing social, political and reiligion systems to inspire debate or catalyze social exchange.


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BUKOWSKI – price 1500 EUR / watercolor and ink on paper / 50×70 / 2020

acrylic/mixed media

GOOD EVENING – 3000 EUR / acrylic, ink and gesso on canvas, 130 x 130cm / 2016 /

own technique

the origin of the world – price 3000 EUR / mixed media and own technique on canvas / 100x100cm / 2018

new painting

WELCOME – price 3500 EUR / mixed media and own technique on canvas / 100x120cm / 2021