Jaśkowiec, in full Marek Jerzy Jaśkowiec, was born in Myslenice near Cracow, in Poland, in 1974. He studied interior design, Maintenance architecture as well as painting  in Cracow (1999-2003). Unruly artist who changed schools and workshops many times. He stays in various countries, various cities. For many years he was experimentig with different techniques. As he himself says – he will always be faithful to watercolors. He olso work with acrylic and and own original techniques. In 2004, he mounted a big individual exhibition at Wawel Royal Castle ( Cracow, Poland ), which was well-received; in 2006 he ran a private gallery at the place.  The exhibition at the Exhibition and Conference Centre at Wawel Royal Castle speaks for itself.  Of course there were next big exhibitions and projects. Paintings of the artist can be found in private collections throughout the world, government offices, as well as in the of museum collections.



Wawel Royal Castle

Wieliczka Salt Mine Tourist Route


the major exhibitions :

“ The roses ” Conference Centre at Wawel Royal Castle, Cracow 2004

“ Self-portrait 42X30 ” T Gallery , Cracow 2004

“ Wieliczka in watercolor ” Wieliczka 2004

“ Wieliczka in Japan, Japan in Wieliczka ” Wieliczka Salt Mine Tourist Route at the EXPO 2005 Aichi Japan

“ The art of Marek Jaskowiec ” Regional Museum in Myslenice 2005

„ Landscapes of Myslenice in watercolour ” Local Museum in Myslenice 2005

“ Impressions of Wieliczka ” Wieliczka 2005

“ Begegnungen II ” Munich, Germany 2006

“ Cosmos ” Authors Gallery 2011

” Cambridge, Impression ” Cambridge 2012

” JASKOWIEC ”  Malmo Sweden, 2017

collective exhibitions in Poland

Polish Artist Auctions 2002, 2003, 2004